Updates From The Phone!

Hey y’all! Couple of updates from the phone ’cause I’m on the move but y’all should probably know some stuff!


First: this Sunday, join me at busboys and poets 5k (corner of 5th and K st NW) at 8pm for a poetry concert. Jonathan B Tucker, Holly Bass, G Yamazawa, Sarah Lawson, and Myself will be rocking a super trooper set of poetry, song, and artistry in the name of National Poetry Month! $5 tickets available at busboysandpoets.com!


Monday: Busboys and Poets Hosts Battle for $1000 dollars! Buy tickets and witness the biggest slam in the DMV! Busboysandpoets.com


4/15/14 – I’ll be changing the 5 items available in the Crochet Kingpin Designs Store! There will be a selection of hats and a few spring scarves available on the second half of the month, so please check it out, and grab your spring spiral scarves before they vanish!

Oh… you wanna see what I’ve been working on…. here you go!




So def keep checking back. Plus later today there will be an #infinigrind Friday video update featuring one of the most bar spittin brothers on this earth!

Peace and safety,

-Dwayne B!

#infinigrind Fridays: BOOMscat performing Closure

Welcome to #Infinigrind Fridays! This is where we showcase the dopeness of the members of the #infinigrind team. First up, the Peace N Body Roll Duo of BOOMscat!


These are 2 of my favorite people, nonetheless 2 of my favorite artist! There are here performing one of their original songs “closure”


Get hip, follow them on twitter here, and learn more about the duo and all the #infinigrind artist here

#thowback – Why Write Well

Originally Posted to Facebook 12/20/11


So I was talking to myself, as I often do, and I got to thinking (as I often do) about poetry. This time, my poetry, which led me to practice memorizing one of my poems.


I have a horrible time memorizing, so I really struggled through the poem (which I am saying aloud to myself, in public mind you) when I get to a series of beautifully structured lines. I usually am not impressed by my own writing, but in this moment, the beauty of those lines just resonated with me.


I thought to myself, “these are some really beautifully written lines. I wonder if people really notice them in this poem.” I’m pretty sure that the answer is no. Which led me to my next question… why write well if no one will take notice?

Sometimes the audience can get so drawn into the craft of  performance, that the fine crafting of language gets lost. In fact, one could argue that when it comes to an open mic audience, the craft of performance is more important than good writing.


But this led me back to a question I have asked fairly often… who are you writing for? Dwayne, are you writing for a crowds approval? Is this all a grand show for attention, if so, then you can craft something quick and simple and be multi-platinum, why focus on trying to write well?


The answer lies within each of us. We tussle with this every time we choose the lingo of our next stanza. Is it more important for me to be artistic or receive crowd love? Sometimes it doesn’t blend as neatly as we would like.


There are many artist who have successfully found this balance, and many more who think they have. The truth is that artistic merit is in the eye of the audience. If your audience feels it is art, then it is. If your audience is yourself, then hopefully it is always art. And that is where I have chosen to start.


For me, I have answered the question of “why write well?” With the question “well, why write?” If I am not going to write well and represent myself well in my own eyes, then why be concerned with the views of another? It is more important to me that I feel what I write because I feel I wont move anyone with something that doesn’t move me. There will be no inspiration; the quake that shifts the heart would be missing. To me that is the most important thing; somebody has to feel, and the first person must be me.


I suggest that when you start asking yourself why write well, you answer that with “well, why write?” and see what inspiration you find within yourself.


Happy searching:-)


Check out the Changes!!!

As promised, a few changes have taken effect on the site!

First: #Infinigrind Updates!

I’ve updates the #infinigrind page to showcase more members of the team. and I have at least one more person to add! (I have a fever, and an early day at work.) Support artist working hard to be sustainable through their art! Check us out here!


Second: My online store is finally up!

Wanna know how you can by crochet goods? Wanna just see all my latest projects? Well visit this page and get hip!


Third: I’m gonna be making more effort to post often!

Life caught up, and daily posts are kinda outlandish for one person. But, I will be returning to posting poems and pics at least weekly. And I’m finally editing all this video. Keep checking the page to see whats new!


Thanks again for your support! Feel free to leave comments so i know someone reads this. LOL


Peace and safety,


#write2014 – 23 – Untitled 2314.222 (for Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Because the sun doesn’t constantly shine.

Because sometimes our demons are faster than our recovery.

Because we don’t give rose bushes.

Because the needles point is sometimes the only feeling you know.

Because no amount of glue can piece together broken memories.

Because sometimes we are just a scrapbook of past loves.

Because everything isn’t alright.

Because being the villain, underdog, wingman, doesn’t equate to being worthy.

Because riches doesn’t equal wealth.

Because art imitates life imitates art imitates life imitates art.

Because living is the last thing any of us will do.

Remember the living.

#write2014 – 22 – Said the Skeleton

I followed your lead.
You unsnapped the 3 hooks,
Bra on floor, hand on door. No locks today.
Is gonna walk in.
And find us.
2 balls of yarn twisted and tangled.
Too coarse for the par course we coast through east coast.
Make haste to find play place.
Bathrooms in lace help us save face.
Underneath a moonlit sky I floated on your riverbank
Played tag along lily pads and dove face first into your waters.
I’ve never learned to swim, but I know the rhythm of the stroke,
We aquaboogie to natures concerto.
You sound best spinning on tables,
Reminding me I know the Technics
To make you speak in moaning tones.
Ignoring phones… or not.
While you talk and I speak in tongues,
You speak in… polysyllabic stutter…
Your barriers, butter to hot blade
Of shoulder rubs.
We are a run on sentence never acknowledging that there should be an end because we always know the point that everything happens for a reason and our reason for being is this very moment.
Every moment.
Under DC streetlights and late night timelines.
Coded text and tantric talks.
Its so much more than fingertips sliding sweat below your equator.
Its inspiration and goal setting.
The secret smile underneath your joy.
The reason I continue to write and feel like it means anything.
The sturdy wax on floorboards.
Our slide, embrace
Our isolation in a room of onlookers.
The world is our house.
I’ll carry you across the threshold if you promise to help with the laundry.
Which reminds me…
I followed your lead.
You unsnapped the 3 hooks
Bra on floor, hand on door, no locks today
is gonna walk in
and find us.
Exactly the way we are.

#write2014 – 20 – Fireflies (Part II of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

II. Fireflies

the slight breeze,

Your breath on my neck.

Subtle reminder that sunshine meets moon rise

when we fall behind the tide.

We dont have much time,

but time is all we have.

Our love, a revolution of seasons.

A spindle twisting wishes into our yarn.

our story will be shared over campfire,

We will always taste like marshmallows and fulfillment.

We will never be lost to each other;

Our hearts, glowing like fireflies, guiding our way.