#Poetry: When Spring Returns

When spring returns your call,
Your feet will stink of sweetgrass.
The world will be full of whim. Bask.

Spring replies with a breath of breeze,
A daffodil greeting,
Delicate as pedals unraveling from a case of itself.

When spring chooses you;
Your world knows warmth.
Heralded are the days of golden shine
Setting bright your sullen tone.

When spring is at your side,
Celebrate your new.
Cherish arms length, shorten your distance
And fall.

Spring keeps pace with your worries.
She is a misty lover who will leave.
Feisty times follow;
A panting mischief maker
Will make home of your lungs.

When spring is one foot out,
Don’t call.
It will only delay her inevitable return.

#Poetry: From Moment to Movement

Things change.

We change.

The world changes around us every day;

Glaciers, to ocean, to polar bear drowning.

Sunny day, to hurricane, to refugee in my own home.

Corner store hoodie boy, to obituary.

Happy daughter, to fatherless child.

How do we make this right?

Silence is a costly answer

When lives are the price paid.

This is what we’ve been trying to make sense of for years on end.

From boycotts to picket signs;

From protests to marches;

From death threats, to assassinations, to promises of a new life.

Wait no more!

When Darkness Falls,

Be fearless!

Be shovel digging into the issues,

Be conversation,

The Talk and Walk.

Be seed sown

From sapling to redwood

Be growth;

Be transformation from one bullet;

one block; one city;

To a ready nation.

Be the catalyst to creation.

Be heard.

From moment to movement.

**note: the prompt “From Moment to Movement” was provided by New America. The web-series From Moment to Movement will be available soon. I’ll be posting more details very soon.

Introducing “The Weekly Queue”

Hello friends!

How long does it take to finish a piece? Where am I at in your list of orders? How long will it be before I receive my Crochet Kingpin Custom Design? These are questions I’m met with on a regular basis. I’m blessed to have a community of folks who support me and have been patient as life happens and i create art that happens to keep your neck warm. Thank you!

In efforts to answer those questions, I’m posting a weekly queue on Instagram Sunday Nights and the posting greater detail here on Mondays. You will be able to track just how fast i’m making pieces, see where your order falls in my weekly scheme, and have an idea of how long it will be before you receive your order.

You can also do what you have been doing, contact me directly through DM’s, emails, and calls, but this is a great option that may answer some of the questions.

Plus you get to see all the dope records I’ve been playing.

Thanks for your support! I look forward to keeping you warm throughout the rest of this winter. :-)

-Dwayne B!

#NowCrocheting – Double Wide Infinity Scarves While Listening To Records!

#poetry: Life Lessons in 5 Part Motion


Do magnets ever tire of their opposites?

Do they ever wish that at one point in their simple existence,

They may be graced with the presence of like minds?


I love you.

I love you most.

I love you most when you are far away.

You are a presence; possession etched onto my soul.

Symbiotic being sucking the malice from me.

And I … hate it.

Love is this treacherous path leading me to back to rejection.

You, the gate keeper to my demise;

Guiding me along its well traveled roads.

I hate this…


You… are the feeling I hate.

You are love.

I love you.


The science of the eye flips the world,

So that those who view it may process it without losing their minds.

I am the world. Beautiful beyond comprehension.

Deep as darkness, real as pain.

Drilled and misunderstood.

Naturally flipped.

Look at me and see what can’t be co-opted .

Your mind is too fragile for my offerings.


When one hair is plucked, does not the entire scalp face pain?

When one toe is injured, does not the entire foot ache?

When one man hates, does not all of manhood face extinction?


Meet me in a place of crayons,

No casing, or sharpeners to mold our experience;

No numbers to dictate our outcomes.

Only a unified vision and a heated passion for art.

Let’s melt down the wax and let all our colors meet;

Become an indiscernible brick of beauty.

Then let us paint the town human.

Watermelon Day 2014 Was a Huge Success!

Featured Image -- 19822

Dwayne B! The Crochet Kingpin:

Watermelon Day was a massive success, thanks to everyone who came out!

Originally posted on Bomani D. Armah:

DSC_7536Sankofa Video and Books Cafe entrance looks like an island oasis. Trees and grass cascade from the front door down a series of short steps and an expansive patio, with stone walk ways meandering through the grass and bright umbrellas shielding its patrons at tables that invite you to come take a load off, drink a cup of Ethiopian coffee, and read a good book without looking at your watch. Sankofa. The African proverb turned favorite diaspora motto, “go back and fetch it”. It finds what was great about our past, and brings it to the future. That spirit is why having Watermelon Day there was so perfect. With all the books and movies glorifying our people, our struggle, our strength, Haile and Shirikiana Gerima (the famed film makers and owners of Sankofa Video & Books Cafe) love to also show how our great history is, and are committed to…

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My Life is Like a Slice of Watermelon

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Dwayne B! The Crochet Kingpin:

Hey… That’s me. lol

Originally posted on Bomani D. Armah:

“The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction.  It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being.  Somebody says you have no language, so you spend twenty years proving that you do.  Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly, so you have scientists working on the fact that it is.  Somebody says you have no art, o you dredge that up.  Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up.  None of that is necessary.  There will always be one more thing.” – Toni Morrison Portland State, “Black Studies Center public dialogue” May 30, 1975.

My life is like a slice of watermelon.
bomani-watermelonWords I would never have written (let alone said) 10 years ago.  My penchant for respectability politics at the times had me less like Malcolm X, and more like

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#crochet – what have I been working on?

So while my laptop is out of order, I’ve been posting poems and such. But as the website is “crochetkingpin”, I figure I should post some pics of things I’ve worked on in the last couple of months.

So… here you go. If you are interested, feel free to email me at crochetkingpin@yahoo.com