#NaPoWriMo -8- Currently Untitled

*I don’t have the hook yet, so no title yet*

Working toward goals makes you feel like you really making some kinda progress.
But you look up from your hard work and realize that you’re surrounded by the same stress.
Get the fucking book done, record the album, time to host! Coming up next!
everything’s so complex, work so much, no time to decompress.
You’re the invisible man, family starts calling you Mr cellophane
Cause they don’t see you around, but when bills are paid down you never hear them complain.
Work too damn hard, but in the office the promotion never comes your way,
But when it all pays off, you’re gonna look back at it all and say…

Another day another dollar, get out there you gotta get it while the getting good,
But your dollars ran to another day, and the good don’t seem to be getting you.
Book still on the shelf, folks say they want good music and they don’t mean kanye.
But your kickstarter could use a kick start, and your demo gets no play.
Discouragement is an ex-lover who knows how to touch you in all the right ways
She returns text, answers your calls, and won’t hesitate to show up at your place.
But yall broke up for a reason, success is your new boo, you know you’re on the way,
To that deluxe apartment in the sky where you’ll be able to say…

Books sales still slow, but somebody wrote about you in a blog you’ve seen,
And they have a ton of followers so folks will start checking for you hopefully.
You hit the open mic spot with a track from the demo and cats were showing some love,
#hashtag infinigrind all over twitter, so now kickstarter’s picking up buzz.
Your hard work’s starting to pay off, better keep that liquor habit at bay,
Cause the drugs and the booze line the coffins of many who fell from success pathway.
You have too much to prove to your past and your future to throw away today.
It’s just a matter of time till you can look back at yourself and say…

Tonight: Dwayne Features at @LaTiDoDC

Tonight: this guy features at @LaTiDoDC. Come drink with me.

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Tonight I feature at LaTiDoDC!

It’s that time of week again for La-Ti-Do: WINNER of DC Metro Theater Arts’ Special Award in 2014, 2013 and 2012 and WINNER BroadwayWorld.com for Best DC Cabaret in 2013.

This week we welcome our April monthly feature, Emily Zickler, and celebrate all things having to do with the 2003 movie CAMP.

Two VERY SPECIAL guests who will also perform are JOANNA CHILCOAT-FELLOWS AND ALANA ALLEN who played Ellen and Jill in the CAMP movie.

Alongside Joanna and Alana are guest Performers Dani Stoller, Emily Zickler, Randy Dunkle, Katie McManus, Tara Trinity, David Landstrom, Ava Silva, Jenny Towns, Will Gartshore, Wood van Meter and poet Dwayne B.

Host: Don Mike Mendoza
Guest Host: David Brown
Accompanists: Jonathan Tuzman

*** Have dinner at James Hoban’s Irish Restaurant & Bar, spend at least $25, show your receipt at the door and pay only $7 per person for admission ***

$15 General Admission at the door
$10 with advance Event Brite RSVP
$7 Student/Senior Rate with ID
$5 for non-performing LTD Alumni.

Doors open at 7:55pm for an 8pm start.

“Go see La-Ti-Do, not just for the art, but for the artistry that will leave you tapping your toes and singing from your souls!” – Cyle Durkee, DCMetroTheaterArts

#NaPoWriMo -7- A Black Guide to Survival In America

Don’t run

Don’t walk

Don’t raise your hands

Don’t reach for your wallet

Don’t be educated

Don’t be ignorant

Don’t be mentally ill

Don’t fight

Don’t break up the fight

Don’t steal

Don’t look like you steal

Don’t go to 7-11

Don’t have asthma

Don’t wear hoodies

Don’t fit the description

Don’t draw attention to yourself

Don’t be woman

Don’t be man

Don’t be trans

Don’t be gay

Don’t be queer

Don’t be straight

Don’t be a threat

Don’t be perceived as “threatening”

Don’t walk away

Don’t have busted taillights

Don’t be between the ages of 8-88

Don’t play on playgrounds

Don’t play outside

Don’t play

Don’t be at “wrong place at wrong time”

Don’t be at “right place at right time”

Don’t be innocent

Don’t be guilty

Don’t breath

Don’t be.

#NaPoWriMo -6- For A Brother and Love (for @brokeballer)

My brother is a woman’s favorite saltlick.
He is dear.
A darling of the social scene;
Slick with tongue and wit.
His wick, crisp for ones waxy brass tailbone to burn.
This is the part when
His heart opens for she who could be a champion.
The balance for benevolent bullies.
Their kisses will taste like gumbo and forgiveness.
Their embrace; wafts of cumin and hand grenades.

The world will be happy to watch them explode.

I’m hosting “I Want To Know You” Tonight.


Tonight! At Woolly Mammoth members of the DC poetry community share their work in the name of HIV awareness. In commemoration of National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, RealTalkDC and Woolly Mammoth Theater Company present “I Want To Know You”, a poetic exploration of sexuality, self-love, and protection in these current times.

For more info on great events: RealTalkdc.org

#NaPoWriMo -5- Senryu For Our Loss

I just cried for my
Son, because someday I could
Become a hashtag

He cried for me when
He saw my tears. We both are
Mourning innocence.

My mother watches
in awe, worried her two boys
Don’t have Kevlar skin.

In the bible, no
Weapon formed against me shall
Prosper. These are lies.

I still pray that we
Not be prey. 300 downed
By cops before May.

My son is sleep. I
Pray I never have to know
Of him not waking.

#NaPoWriMo -4- Untitled For The Next Name

The poems have been written.
Chants spoken;
Whispered is wide hallways,
Behind closed doors.
The conversation happened.
Elections won.
“Progress made”.

I am still dead.

Sleep was rehearsal for the big day
When protests knew my name.

#NaPoWriMo -2- I Pray You Fall

I pray you fall
Face first.
Trip and tumble,
Knee scraping;
A bloody fail at walking;
Strangers ask if you are ok;
How did this happen, I wasn’t drunk;
Kripes! This is gonna show up on YouTube somewhere.

That kind of fall;
Into a love that will make you forget
I was ever a hill.

#NaPoWriMo -1- Analog Ills In The Age Of Digital Thinking

I’m supposed to be writing

A report

Data into my timesheet

The design for these t-shirts

My album

A poem.

*Nintendo announces something*

*Text message buzz*

I need to finish this scarf

I’ve got a few orders backed up

I need to reach out to that consultant

The Instagram takeover is tomorrow

*Email buzz*

I need to finish this scarf

Oh! Someone is here at the office

“Haven’t see you in forever”

“How’s fatherhood”

“That season finale tho?”

I need to finish this report

I should be writing

I need to get to the studio

Who’s going to sponsor this damned table

I really should order t-shirts

With what money

I wanna buy a house

I need to be writing

What would I write

I have so much on my mind.

blank page

stares vapidly at an author

too busy to be who he is.