Peace beautiful people!

Dwayne B here. Just wanna show love for all the support and action I’ve been getting on the website as of late.


Folks are always looking for an outlet; safe place to express and feel free. Many have found the internet to be that place, but as time goes, the internet seems to be a more hostile place to share.

The fact that I can be free and express myself and support the artist I love and get the type of support I’ve been receiving… that means the world to me.

So with that, thank you. If you want more poetry here, let me know. You want more crochet, let me know. You want more info on the infinigrind family, let me know. I want this to be a conversation; a place to build the collaborations and support when need.

I love all y’all.

-Dwayne B! Bka the crochet kingpin.

#thatpoetryhost – On Dancing


They asked me who you were,
Who the “she” must be on the other side,
The one receiving my poetry;
I’m a professional dancer,
Avoiding names like uneven pavement,
Stepping sure to save grace.
We are a pirouette,
A spin move,
A side step for inquiring eyes.
For me,
You have in all ways been a sure shot.
Freeze held strong in my view.

Keep dancing love, I’ll continue to keep pace.

#thatpoetryhost – Uncertainty


Is knowing where you need be,
What you want,
How the taste should be;
But the day is flavored fog.
When you are hitchhiking your way
With baggage twice the size your heart.
All you want is a hand,
But you can’t see a foot forward.
You think of the beauty you’ve seen;
You reminisce.
Was every path clear en route?
Was there an easy way to cross a river?
Were the snow capped peaks and hot springs not worth it?

Sprint through the fear.
Fantasy awaits across the fog.


#thatpoetryhost – Americana


We were American today,
We saw things and said
“How dare that be there?
I must conquer it
Climb it and know it’s beauty from all angles.”
A waterfall knows our foot print.
A glacier speaks our name in cracks and drips.
Our adventure knows no bounds.

We are blessed the land hasn’t exacted revenge.

#thatpoetryhost – Departure


Everything is what it’s gonna be.
The bags packed.
Every nothing that I’ve forgotten will be in its place when I return.

The drinks have known my throat.
Duty-free knows my passport and tonight will become today tomorrow.

This is the beginning of documentation;
Of flight without feathers.
We sigh into the sky;
A steel exhale amongst the clouds.

Leaving is always bittersweet.

#thatpoetryhost – on packing

The act of packing is you physically preparing for an imaginary experience.
Foretelling the future in hopes of being ready for everything.
You are never ready for anything.
You trudge through laundry baskets,
Recharge batteries and pretend you can plan
For your life to change.
We make reasons to bring things we know we will lose.
We hold on to broken trinkets,
Chipped memories hard enough to be held;
Thrown into the bag in case you get homesick.
Sometimes circles close,
The gaps become tighter,
The ven diagram overlap and
You become a natural.

Sometimes you taper off… after all the packing,
You realize
You were always ready for anything.