#Infinigrind Fridays: Droopy the BrokeBaller – Broke Boy (Response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse)

As promised, 2 #infinigrind videos this Friday! This one is from longtime member of the fam Droopy the Brokeballer! This is the visual for “Broke Boy” Droopy’s response to Kendrick Lamar claiming the crown as “King of New York”.

Peep the bars, hit him up, and stay real!

#Infinigrind Fridays: Joie 13 – Tell the Truth feat. MacGuyver, Fleetwood Deville, Casito Del Fresco

It’s a Friday! So its time for Infinigrind Fridays! First up, Joie 13 drops the visual for his banger “Tell the Truth” featuring #Infinigrind Bar Beast Fleetwood Deville! Though he is last on the #Infinigrind Page, he’s one of the core members and true spitters in the DC Scene. Peep him and the Far EXP crushing flows all over the DC area.

#poems: Crochet Orders

There is a quiet place

in my head that holds me



and fears.

Where Starfox barrel rolls in glorious 3D

to avoid the tyranny of live turkeys gobbling.

Void of bad phone service,

Ruined plans,

Wack rap,

And wacker humans.

A place of peace.

Hooked around a simple thought,

Pulled through like yarn and loop.

#poems: Your Kiss

breathtakingly divine, the thoughts in my mind,
as I felt your lips press firmly against mine.

my oh my, you’ve proved I’m your guy,
probably planed it all along, I know your that sly.

yet oh so fly, your taste as I,
enter the realm of your selfless life.

sorbet I taste, with a peppermint twist,
the twist of your tongue had me lost in the mist,

back and forth we go on with this,
your lips making an offer I can not resist.

still not satisfied, we both pull away,
knowing we saved more for another day.

#poems: For 2001 and Beyond (Graduation Poem)

Pour out like words over fountains,

Into mountain like terrain,

The ridged plains of the human brain,

Which at most times don’t contain minds.

Lyrics must find the correct time to hit the prime intersection.

The one place, one connection,

Between foresight and reflection.

In the present, after the past,

To create a memory that shall last,

And cause a drastic change to the future.

For our verbs and nouns are to be used

To nurture not refuse the beings that we’ve fused

with millennia of abuse.

We try to tell the truth, only leaving more confused,

For the statements that we move, can be backed up by proof.

Which is much more than I can say for the lies this nation was raised on.

Black labor, white fables,

Tall tales and little white lies.

What a surprise when they learned we could connect I’s with Y’s

And vowels to create nouns and words so profound.

With verse and rhythm, poems were made,

Songs we played and we proceed to get paid,

And exploited, for creating noise now,

No substance just noise now.

But we shall escape just like we usually do.

How do I know, because I can look at the future and know I’ll see you.

Things that didn’t happen last week because my computer charger was damaged…

I didn’t post an #infinigrind friday. So you will get 2 this week, 1 Featuring Fleetwood Deville, One Featuring Droopy the BrokeBaller.crocheting


I didn’t post poetry! So I’m posting three poems tomorrow.


I didn’t the crochet projects I’ve been working on! So if you check CrochetKingpin.Bigcartel.com you will see the new pieces, and they are for sale!


I received my new charger today. But I’ve been cleaning up the house and putting yarn away for what feels like forever… so all this is just getting put out now.


Please, tell your friends, tweet, share, post this site. Support random folks on the internet doing cool artist things.


Peace and safety,


Updates From The Phone!

Hey y’all! Couple of updates from the phone ’cause I’m on the move but y’all should probably know some stuff!


First: this Sunday, join me at busboys and poets 5k (corner of 5th and K st NW) at 8pm for a poetry concert. Jonathan B Tucker, Holly Bass, G Yamazawa, Sarah Lawson, and Myself will be rocking a super trooper set of poetry, song, and artistry in the name of National Poetry Month! $5 tickets available at busboysandpoets.com!


Monday: Busboys and Poets Hosts Battle for $1000 dollars! Buy tickets and witness the biggest slam in the DMV! Busboysandpoets.com


4/15/14 – I’ll be changing the 5 items available in the Crochet Kingpin Designs Store! There will be a selection of hats and a few spring scarves available on the second half of the month, so please check it out, and grab your spring spiral scarves before they vanish!

Oh… you wanna see what I’ve been working on…. here you go!




So def keep checking back. Plus later today there will be an #infinigrind Friday video update featuring one of the most bar spittin brothers on this earth!

Peace and safety,

-Dwayne B!

#infinigrind Fridays: BOOMscat performing Closure

Welcome to #Infinigrind Fridays! This is where we showcase the dopeness of the members of the #infinigrind team. First up, the Peace N Body Roll Duo of BOOMscat!


These are 2 of my favorite people, nonetheless 2 of my favorite artist! There are here performing one of their original songs “closure”


Get hip, follow them on twitter here, and learn more about the duo and all the #infinigrind artist here

#thowback – Why Write Well

Originally Posted to Facebook 12/20/11


So I was talking to myself, as I often do, and I got to thinking (as I often do) about poetry. This time, my poetry, which led me to practice memorizing one of my poems.


I have a horrible time memorizing, so I really struggled through the poem (which I am saying aloud to myself, in public mind you) when I get to a series of beautifully structured lines. I usually am not impressed by my own writing, but in this moment, the beauty of those lines just resonated with me.


I thought to myself, “these are some really beautifully written lines. I wonder if people really notice them in this poem.” I’m pretty sure that the answer is no. Which led me to my next question… why write well if no one will take notice?

Sometimes the audience can get so drawn into the craft of  performance, that the fine crafting of language gets lost. In fact, one could argue that when it comes to an open mic audience, the craft of performance is more important than good writing.


But this led me back to a question I have asked fairly often… who are you writing for? Dwayne, are you writing for a crowds approval? Is this all a grand show for attention, if so, then you can craft something quick and simple and be multi-platinum, why focus on trying to write well?


The answer lies within each of us. We tussle with this every time we choose the lingo of our next stanza. Is it more important for me to be artistic or receive crowd love? Sometimes it doesn’t blend as neatly as we would like.


There are many artist who have successfully found this balance, and many more who think they have. The truth is that artistic merit is in the eye of the audience. If your audience feels it is art, then it is. If your audience is yourself, then hopefully it is always art. And that is where I have chosen to start.


For me, I have answered the question of “why write well?” With the question “well, why write?” If I am not going to write well and represent myself well in my own eyes, then why be concerned with the views of another? It is more important to me that I feel what I write because I feel I wont move anyone with something that doesn’t move me. There will be no inspiration; the quake that shifts the heart would be missing. To me that is the most important thing; somebody has to feel, and the first person must be me.


I suggest that when you start asking yourself why write well, you answer that with “well, why write?” and see what inspiration you find within yourself.


Happy searching:-)