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One Color Kaleidoscope

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What color is love? What shade of unhappiness do you wear? In your palette, how vibrant is joy? Dwayne Lawson-Brown tackles these questions and more with “One Color Kaleidoscope” – The first bound collection of poetry from the Busboys and Poets host captain and Spit Dat co-host.

Dwayne tackles love, loneliness, artistry, and the human condition with equal parts mystique and transparency.

On The Motions And Going Through

We say goodbyeAnd helloWith the same mouthBreathe air for greetingAnd dismissalWe go through the motionsWaving a welcomeBidding adieu Maybe it is all the sameA series of arrivals and departuresA coin flipping until it eventually landsEveryday — a door walked throughOur shoes laced with yesterdays strings We walk in and outNot knowing which breath will be […]


Isn’t there a runner’s high?The punch-drunk euphoriaFor a battered boxer?Is the fight ever finished?Hands seeking salve know no relief. Are we ever rested?Restored on our pillar–Protected?

On Leaving A Life

I packed up my desk today. I put all my shit into a box and prepared to say goodbye. No one else was there. This isn’t how I envisioned it. I feel sad. I mean I’m happy about the new job and everything that comes with it. I’m excited to do something new. But looking […]