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17-year-old Dwayne Lawson-Brown didn’t expect to reach the age of 24. Dwayne, now 37, explores the complexities of aging in “twenty:21”; a conversation-in-verse alternating between original works from the “Darkchylde” and modern responses from the “Crochet Kingpin”.

Who Will YOU Be In 20 Years?

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One Color Kaleidoscope

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What color is love? What shade of unhappiness do you wear? In your palette, how vibrant is joy? Dwayne Lawson-Brown tackles these questions and more with “One Color Kaleidoscope” – The first bound collection of poetry from the Busboys and Poets host captain and Spit Dat co-host.

Dwayne tackles love, loneliness, artistry, and the human condition with equal parts mystique and transparency.

30/30 Day 20: Pain Per Due

You’ll walk into a faux French bistro on the waterfrontThe type of establishment shoehorned in to cater to travelersLooking for cultured meals in cookies cutter Pre-planned urban redeveloped safetyThis is not your usual flavorBut today is for buddingAnd you have good taste You are a native hereRan these roads during gym class drillsCarried large bushels […]

30/30 Day 18: An Ideal or A Daydream

I.You lease a houseWith an option to ownOn the coastBut far enough to not beA hurricane risk Your morning meditationSeabreeze and sunshineWhile the ocean meets your feetWhite linenFlowing like the few wispy cloudsWandering what we call a sky Your nights knowPerfect penmanshipRum and wantThe comfort of being freeThere is a notepadSinging your praisesThere is a […]