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One Color Kaleidoscope

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What color is love? What shade of unhappiness do you wear? In your palette, how vibrant is joy? Dwayne Lawson-Brown tackles these questions and more with “One Color Kaleidoscope” – The first bound collection of poetry from the Busboys and Poets host captain and Spit Dat co-host.

Dwayne tackles love, loneliness, artistry, and the human condition with equal parts mystique and transparency.

“The Time Keeper’s Tick” or “Black Boy Studies Phenomenology”

Time doesn’t waitIt isEvery moment livedAll of time turned on its sideA solid block of timeA cut — a slice of timeStackedMemories sandwichedAnd never ending Every now is right nowEvery tomorrow — today in waitAnd are we not living itEvery breathStacked like memoriesHolding space likeAll of time turned on its sideA block of timeSolid experience […]

A Dejected Muse Advises A Reluctant Poet

and don’t erasethe next line may be the onethe high — chasedand the crash will be just as mighty a majestic titlepoetto scribble futile notesin fruitful times it is what it is and don’t eraseregret never changed life’s courseand you are a soothsayerfinding truth in the fragilebeing agile in an unforgiving nookbookending every turn of […]

Black Debit

Oh damn my nigYou ain’t knowLiving is for white folksEverything is an excuseTo snuff your fireflyWatch your glow burn outIn a jar with barsOr plant you like a seedWatch the gravestone grow Come on nowDon’t the sunshine hurt a bitWhen you sit in it too longStay yo’ ass inOutside is for white folksWhere the darkest […]