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One Color Kaleidoscope

Now Available!

What color is love? What shade of unhappiness do you wear? In your palette, how vibrant is joy? Dwayne Lawson-Brown tackles these questions and more with “One Color Kaleidoscope” – The first bound collection of poetry from the Busboys and Poets host captain and Spit Dat co-host.

Dwayne tackles love, loneliness, artistry, and the human condition with equal parts mystique and transparency.

#SelfieSundays – What Honesty Looks Like

So I’m doing a thing. I’m committing to visual honesty this year. We all know that each person struggles, but we dress it up in meta…

I’m In The Washington Post!? (again?)

So It’s happened.
I am often a background player. I enjoy not being the person in the forefront – I like my side character arc in my friends title series. But every now and then, it happens; someone notices me doing my thing…

From Gumbo To Mumbo Is Back!!!

Holy Crap!!! Time has flown. 2020 has been a year and a half and while there’s tons that I’d love to update folks on (lots of photography, some fund grants that I’ve gone for, some things I’ve stepped away from), this post is about From Gumbo To Mumbo. Here’s the deal – a rhyme spitting […]