First Post on a New Website!

Before the chop lolHa! I did it!!!

I told myself that I could make this website; that I could get the domain and find a way to display some photos and let folk order online through email ( and darned if I didn’t do it! (Tho cumbersome I admit… I’ll get the store going soon. promise)

The website isn’t as smooth as I’d like for it to be yet, but I’ll get it there. For now, here’s a little explanation of things.

The home page will feature the most recent postings. This is my ongoing blog documenting the stuff that’s going on in the crochet kingpin realm. Sometimes its gonna be personal, sometimes very business heavy. There will be LOTS OF POETRY TALK! So be ready for that.

I’m also going to be importing my fav blog post from all of my older blogs. (live journal, myspace, facebook notes, some paper journals I’ve kept all these years)

The goal is to post daily. If I pull that off, congratulate me! If I don’t, chalk it up to me writing that poem about you, or crocheting your scarf. lol

To your right, you will find a picture of my most recent post on Flickr. That will more than likely be the crochet piece i have most recently finished. Click that to see the crochet section. You’ll also see an option to “like” me on facebook. go ahead and do it. It hasn’t hurt anyone to do so. Then you will find my twitter feed and Upcoming Gig feed. Hopefully those are continuing to work, cause on occasion, the twitter one acts a fool.

Below you will find the categories for the blog. they are:

Blogs and thoughts





and Uncategorized.

Pretty self explanatory.  There’s also a tab above this called #infinigrind. Click the tab to learn what “infinigrind” is, who the artist are that are in “infinigrind mode” and a whole lot more. You can also learn a bit about me in that “Who is the Crochet Kingpin” section.

So thanks for visiting and thanks for the support. You are making a dream come true.

Peace and safety,

-Dwayne B!

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  1. i dont mind waiting
    in line for you, but its
    always fun to be first

  2. You now have 2 COMMENTS!! But shot out to you for doing ya thing with this website bruh. keep up the good work #infinigrind

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