A Bit of Info on the Website…

So yeah… A couple hours ago i posted all the general info about the site, but here’s another tidbit.
There will be post every weekday (with the occasional weekend post)

Monday: News – Everybody hates Monday’s right… wrong! This site bangs with Monday because its a good day to let you know what’s happening during the week! Bios of the feature at Spit Dat, info on the features for the different open mics I’m hosting for the month, maybe a photo or something of the pieces I’m working on… who knows. I hope

this will make Monday a lil more bearable… for me at least…


Tuesday: Crochet Day – Updates on the pieces that are in my crochet queue, the #CKMD (Crochet Kingpin Monthly Deal), my favorite yarn brands, and all that good stuff… seeing how the fall is approaching it all seems very fitting dontcha think?


Wednesday: Poetry – Need something to help you get over the hump? I gotchu. I’ll be posting poetry every Wednesday; haiku/senryu, a lot of free write, some pantoom, a little bit of something for everybody. You may even catch a video in there sometimes… so keep peeping and see whats up.


Thursday: Throwback Thursday – So everybody is doing it huh? Well I am too, but a little different. I’m posting throwback blog posts from over the years with a pic from that era. I look back at some of these post and think “My how I’ve grown” and others I look back and say “I wish that Dwayne was still around” Take the trip back with me and join the conversation!


Friday: Kickin it with the Kingpin! – I love Friday’s! I’ll be posting blogs on artistry, interviews with the #Infinigrind artists, music videos from members of the #Infinigrind team, and sometimes, just my random thoughts. Think of Friday as the mixed bag of emotions and arts, and life… oh… and I’ll post karaoke videos too. Cause that happens.


So that’s the daily breakdown. Hopefully you will visit and kick it with the kingpin. Leave comments, talk to me. I don’t bite too hard 🙂


Peace and safety,

-Dwayne B!

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