7 Deadly Sins (Haiku)

Military Pop
Straps Bomb to chest, kisses wife.
This is for junior.

She lives in still life.
lackadaisically, waste
away in real time.

There’s nothing wrong with
doing good work, but bragging
tarnishes your worth.

Stay on infinite
Grind to make dough, but does he
have a life to show?

Momma used to say
“your eyes are bigger than your
stomach” why she lie?

His passion burns with
the heat of a thousand suns.
Well… so does his piss.

I want what you got,
you want what he got, now we
all done got… herpes…

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  1. well…i still envy your haiku-bility, but i will pass on the side-order of std. cheers.

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