Kiss Me

Lips are not routine.

Connection doesn’t come with a manual.

This is an analog feeling.

Allow me this kiss.

I’ve been Job,

We; tried and true,

Trialed and blue.

This kiss;

Light at the end signaling the beginning.

Kiss me endless green lights;

Emerald castle post yellow bricks.

Kiss me in braille;

We should feel this to see our direction.

Don’t kiss to placate me;

Kiss to motivate me,

A pep talk in foreign tongue.

Kiss me defibrillator to heart,

Your contact the spark.

Kiss like a saviors touch.

In Christ name

Remind me of how salvation taste.

Sing hallelujah on my flesh

and pray forgiveness on the Sabbath.

Kiss me sweet martyrdom.

Kiss me alarm clock ring,

Cricket song,

Spiders silk.

Kiss me like a tattoo on my spine;


Something I can feel.

Kiss me noisy panting,

Heavy breathing,

An asthma attack of passion.

Kiss me like a Georgia sweet tea

Poured with a southern drawl.

A kiss that lingers.

Kiss me like a memory you refuse to forget

Because its your only inkling;

The single chance and hope that tells you

Everyday is worth going on to the next one.

Kiss me like I’m worth it all.

A kiss that says don’t go.

A kiss good night;

Good bye;

Good life.

Kiss me as it I’ve made it one day past the expiration date.

Kiss me…

Like dust is on the other side;

Like my continuance depends it.

Know that it does.

Kiss me like there would be no more razors

Or threats of departing

Or silence

Kiss away asphyxiation.

Kiss me alive.


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