Sunday Alerts: Hosting and Panel Action this week!

What’s up.

Sitting on the front porch live posting right now.

Couple of events that I want to add so that you have a chance to kick it with the Kingpin this week.

Tomorrow: Monday, Sept. 16th

I’m guest hosting The Garden Open Mic at Bloombars (<-click here to RSVP). Gowri K. is usually the host with a guest co-host, but not tomorrow! its a Dwayne B takeover! I’ll be hosting the incredibly talented Nila Kay. Here’s her bio.

Nila Kay is a singer-songwriter from the D.C. area who is working on her second album. Getting outside herself by going deeper within, Nila Kay sometimes flirts with jazz, sometimes jazzes up funk, and sometimes strips down pretty pop to its quintessential bare acoustic soul. But she always keeps the electricity arcing inward where the mood is simultaneously raw and tender, vulnerable and bold. Hers is the soulful collaboration of a streetwise mother and a visionary child.


Thursday, Sept 19th

I’m honored to be on a panel representing Metro TeenAIDS/RealTalkDC at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundations Annual Legislative Conference. If you didn’t know, HIV is still here and its effecting our communities. Here are some of the questions we will be addressing:

Exploration of the problem:

  • How is it that after 30 years of HIV where African Americans are over-represented, decades of issues surrounding teenage pregnancy and high rates sexually transmitted infections, are African Americans still in as much of a state of paralysis as we’ve ever been?
  • The conversation will explore what attitudes and beliefs are we continuing to harbor that won’t allow us to develop a strategic action plan even in the face of disaster. Why are we so resistant to change even in the face of quantifiable data that tells us clearly what path we might take to address these concerns? How has our advancement in social economic class played a part in this paralysis?
  • This is where I think we start discussing attitudes and beliefs and the role religion has played in this.
  • What is it on the national level that needs to occur, community level and in black families to turn this around?  What do we need to do different?  What must we be doing for our boys?  For our girls?

Here’s the flyer. Come through, join the conversation, then leave and change the world.

Sexual Health IQ Flyer-(LR)


There is something else that is on my schedule too for Sept 28th, but i’m going to record a video for that. but keep the date open ok?

Get out and enjoy this weather. I’m going to turkey thicket to play kickball. if you’re in DC at 2pm, you should do the same.

Peace and safety,

Dwayne B!

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