Em Sea Water Featuring at Spit Dat on Thursday!

Droopy the BrokeBaller and Dwayne B. the Crochet Kingpin present the legendary “Spit Dat” weekly open mic event! Thursday nights, 8:30pm to 11:30pm at the Emergence Community Arts Collective (733 Euclid Street NW, Washington, DC, near Banneker High School and Howard University School of Business). Only $1 cover charge!*

Spit Dat is one of the longest running open mics in Washington, D.C. It’s a great atmosphere for amateur poets as well as more experienced poets. Many of today’s most well known poets began by performing at the Spit Dat open mic series. The open mic recently won a NUSPA (National Undergroud Spoken Word Award) for venue of the year.

This week we have Em Sea Water!

Baltimorean Poet, Em Sea Water has pushed the margins of spoken word since his debut album, The Love Life EP in 2005. Earning the name Water from his natural ability to reflect his surroundings much like the ocean reflects the sun; his poetry remains self-reflective, and his intentions appear openly transparent like water. Staying based in his hometown of Baltimore, Water uses poetry to reach a wide audience including New York, North Carolina, Virginia, DC, Atlanta and other cities.

Check out “A Day in the Life of Em Sea Water” right now!

So yeah! Bring yourself Thursday. Come feel the flow!

The Rest of the Spit Dat Schedule for the month is as follows:

Sept 19th:   Em Sea Water

Sept 26th:   Lyrical Leviathan 

Come Through and Rock With Us!

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