They say some things in life are constants and will never change…


Sun shines

Rain falls

Trees grow

Bees sting

Fire burns

Lovers love

Painters visualize

Singers harmonize

Musicians create

Poets write

Performers… perform

Audiences watch

College cost

Students learn

Parents stress

Lips kiss

Tongues tastes

Hearts pump

Hips hump

Babies cry

Llamas spit

Asses kick

Lovers love

Bullets kill

Knives cut

Cuts hurt

Wounds heal

People hate

Lovers love

Hummingbirds hover

Butterflies flutter

Cheetahs run

People age

Flies…. Fly

Teeth chew

Wheels roll

Archeologist reveal

Museums preserve

Businesses sell

Shoppers buy

Lovers love

Wind blows

Time passes

Elders reminisce

Arms embrace

Hands grasp

Faithful hope

Hopeless pray

Dreamers believe

Gaps widen

Gaps close

Lovers love

Poppers pop

Breakers break

Rappers rap

Emcees Motivate

Music plays

Ears hear

Lovers love

Snow falls

Rain falls

Water falls

Buildings fall

Tears fall

Darkness falls

Hope falls

Lovers love

Hearts break

Feeling fade

Days end

Phoenixes rise

Lovers love

I love

You love

We are


Some things never change.

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