#throwback: A Message to the Poetry Family

Originally posted: May 29th 08

Hi family,

So I don’t do this often but sometimes you have to preach to the choir because they need a message too.

So if there is something wrong in your bathroom, do you just leave that bathroom alone and go, “it will fix itself” or do you get down and handle that shit. (Pun intended)

If you are hungry and want a sandwich, and you have sandwich meat (or other fixin’s for the veggie folks) bread and all the other ingredients in your fridge, do you continue to not eat, or do you fix yourself a damn good sandwich.

I say all of this to say that if you notice that the poetry scene is over-saturated with wacksauce. Don’t just walk away and think that it will walk away. Its true, real recognize real, but if all the real walks away, all we will have is bonifide wackness. If you feel like people aren’t rocking hard the way they should, you should be setting an example and rocking extra hard to balance that the wack. If you feel people aren’t taking chances with their writing, you should jump out there and take some chances with yours to show them that its ok.

All that said, I know that I’m guilty of not pushing the art the way I should especially as a host. But that will change too. And I know that people have lives, because I have one too. A life that gets hella busy. But if you aren’t part of the solution, shut up and start being one.

And while I’m at it, if somebody is talking while others are on the mic, tell them to be quiet. That shit is rude.

Ok and I’m done….

Have a good day family, and I hope to see you tonight at mocha.

Peace and safety,
Dwayne B!

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