Kickin in the Kingpin: I’ve survived month 1!

Peace All!

Dwayne here. I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting and liking my first month of the website! I made it almost the entire first month without wills a day of posting! ($5 off a custom order to the first person to email me and tell me what day i missed and what the subject should have been)

I’ll be adding the store In October, adding a photo gallery for the Crochet and events that i have been hosting/covering, and i’m going to continue with the weekly schedule as usual.

All that and still cranking out these crochet orders. Below is my current crochet queue.

Crochet Queue:

The Japan Order (Portia and Dina)

Angel – Secret Project

Luna – Blanket

Daryl – Poncho

Ximena – Blanket

Fleetwood DeVille – Hooded Scarf

Josh: charcoal gray button hat with black brim and buttons. Scarf to match

Leandrea: Black and gray spiral scarf, 2 pairs leg warmers (1 solid chocolate, 1 solid black), mesh scarf,  beanie with a brim.

Smiley: Gray infinity scarf with turquoise highlights similar to pink and turquoise scarf.  Hat to match

Aliza: Double wide cowl

Johnathan B Tucker: 2 crochet ties. Black tie with small red and green hints – light blue with yellow hints

Aliza: Poncho when I’m done.

Amy: Blue Spiral Spring Scarf

Charmianmartin: Light gray blended homespun double wide scarf.

Nate: Black Hooded Scarf with Smoke from Mortal Kombat designed face mask insert.


So yeah. I’m dumb busy.

Tomorrow. 1am. Droopy the BrokeBaller and I are at the WareHouse Theatre for Art All Night. Come and Join us for amazing performances!


Peace and Safety,

Dwayne B!

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