News: Spit Dat Features for the Month, Busboys Hosting, And other event Get Downs!!!!

Sorry I’m Late! Here’s the monthly update!


Droopy the BrokeBaller and Dwayne B. the Crochet Kingpin present the legendary “Spit Dat” weekly open mic event! Thursday nights, 8:30pm to 11:30pm at the Emergence Community Arts Collective (733 Euclid Street NW, Washington, DC, near Banneker High School and Howard University School of Business). Only $1 cover charge!* Spit Dat is one of the longest running open mics in Washington, D.C. It’s a great atmosphere for amateur poets as well as more experienced poets. Many of today’s most well known poets began by performing at the Spit Dat open mic series. The open mic recently won a NUSPA (National Undergroud Spoken Word Award) for venue of the year.

This Weeks Feature is None Other Than: Lucky LowKey!!!

This brother is a dynamic performer with feisty first and a fierce heart! If you ask him…. he might just do some erotica for us at Spit Dat, you never know. One thing for sure, he is always honest and heartfelt. That is something i certainly appreciate in an artist and I know you will too!

 Lucky spittin bars in the cypher

Plus he’s the head gatekeeper for one of the dopes groups around. The basically are the Manassas Poetry Scene, and they do good work to help folks. read more about Silent Treatment Entertainment!

Silent Treatment Entertainment LLC is a company with deep roots in the community in which it was born. Formed in 2010 by Jaz, Luciano, & P. Silent Treatment strives to create the best events possible. From parties to “Spirits & Lyrics” (An open mic night geared towards the artist as well as the audience) to “Delicate Hands” (Our own charity aimed at helping misguided youth).Silent Treatment Entertainment truly believes in hard work, community, and having a good time. Click Click Shhh

Here is the month in Features:


A Def Poetry Jam-Styled event to raise funds for a major cancer awareness project. Some of the hottest spoken word artists from around the DC Metropolitan Area will grace us with a customized piece about how cancer has affected them directly or indirectly.

Also, we will be celebrating the birthday of the person who’s behind all of this; the CEO & founder of Christoph Writes, LLC, Christoph Jenkins.

I’m one of the artist performing, but you should check out the whole line up. Click here to see who’s rocking!


@ THE JIN LOUNGE: 2017 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009 (NEXT DOOR TO BUS BOYS & POETS)


@ BUS BOYS & POETS: 2021 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20009 (14TH & V STREET)


@ THE JIN LOUNGE: 2017 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009 (NEXT DOOR TO BUS BOYS & POETS)

Every 4th Wednesday Busboys and Poets 5th and K’s Open Mic. Its a blast, so you should come through and show your… self (thought I was gonna go there didn’t you!)
This Months Feature is none other that Drew Law!
More details on that later in the month!
Well Yall. There’s more that will be announced every Monday this month. tell your folks to check out the page for the best news around the poetry scene.
Peace and safety,
-Dwayne B!
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