A Trip Into The “Archive”

So… my laptop is still under quarantine, so I can’t post anything from my new batch. So i’m posting some of my favorite pieces that i have made.


This blue and gray infinity scarf was made for a friend of mine who said it was time for him to make sure he stayed warm the entire winter. He told me go as big as I could with as many wrap around options as possible. This goes around a neck maybe 6 times before fitting snug. I loved this piece. And i let it go for $30.


The dork in me loves heart monitors. Maybe it’s a dark feeling about mortality or something, but the beep has always kept me at peace. I thought about that feeling and decided to make a scarf with the heart monitor rhythm built in. I love how it came out. This one went to my boy chance for $20. I need to make myself one. And I’m planning to do a few of these with the monitor in different colors.


Oh the mesh scarves. I like making them because they can be deceptively warm. I started making them as a spring option, but this one here came about from the want to make one with larger loops and triple crochet. So i used 2 skeins and made them together. I just love how simple this piece is while being a good look for any style. This one was sold during a craft fair.


Lastly, a hat. LOL I actually made a scarf to match it. My homegirl Elle wanted a hat and scarf for the winter. Thick… Warm… and yellow and green. She asked if i could do the dog ears. This was my first piece with them. for that, it holds a special place.

All of these can be recreated for your wants and needs.

If you would like to order something fill out the form below

And if you want to see more of the archive, click here

Peace and Safety,

Dwayne B!

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  1. not quite sure how liking a heart monitor makes you a dork. it was definitely (pleasantly) surprising, though.

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