#Throwback – The Comic-Con Craziness Series

Originally Posted 10.8.10 – In Honor of my Being at Comic-Con as we speak

cousin loving con

New York Comic-Con. I’m finally in New York and i’m dumb excited, but I immediately go back to a conversation my mom and I had just before my departure. You see parents regularly talk about the “dangers of the big city” with their spawn when they journey away from home; but I’m from southeast dc, I know those dangers. I’ve faced those dangers and now crochet in the face of them. But my mother said one single thing that truly instilled the fear of God in my heart all over again. The very thought of these 2 works makes me cringe.

Bed Bugs.

Now, im not a huge entomophobe, but I am a huge acaraphobe, so that’s not cool. Mosquitos, bed bugs, crabs, certain spiders; all things that str  ike terror into my heart. I haven’t had this discussion with my cousin Lovelle yet, but I know he’s not a big fan of bugs period. So that will have to wait til we get to the hotel. Its a nice one that was linked of the convention page, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but if so, expect to see lots of confused itchy post.

I may be at comic-con, but I think I’ll need a REAL superhero to save me from the bed bugs.


Didn’t get a chance to do a full post yesterday due to online bs, but since im up early, I’m posting the events of yesterdays schedule. The photos depicting said craziness shall be posted soon. Comic Con Craziness:



Went to the hotel


Walked down to times square

Visited rocafella plaza

Chilled in nintendo world store

Went to comic con

played marvel vs capcom 3

Purchased green lantern rings

Got separated from lovelle

Demo’d deca sports 3 for the wii

Beat some people in bomberman live for 360

Found lovelle

Lunch at hooters

Sat in on “dc animated features premiere” panel

Went to ign meet and greet

Wandered the streets through times square

Ate cookies

Watched black dynamite


Pics coming soon.

Come back often.


alrighty, so similar to yesterday, there is not enough time for me to do a full post allthough i woke up on time and all that good stuff. I’m quite intoxicated and it took Lili (aka bubbles for powerpuff girls, you’ll see later) to tell me to get some sleep for me to do so.

basically this will be another schedule of occurences from day 2 of the con. chances are i wont remember everything.

wake up.



carefully choose outfit.


get in cab.

forget camera.

go to marvel video games panel.

learn that M.o.d.o.k. is playable in marvel vs capcom 3

leave, make mad dash for ign trailer park theatre.

miss it.

lovelle wanders while i get camera.

come back.

go to marvel avengers: earths mightiest heros panel

get to watch the first 2 episodes right on the spot!!!

mad dash for green lantern animated series.

Huge line fail!

attempt comic con speed dating

lack of girls fail!

meet the powerpuff girls (photo to follow)


go to marvel anime panel!

watch first episode of IRON MAN ANIME (coming to G4 in summer 2011)

learn that there will be a wolverine anime, followed by x-men, followed by BLADE!!!!!

see a trailer of wolverine anime, which is still very far in the distance).

attend a j-pop concert.

go to hotel.

take shots of bacardi.

go to times square,

catch comedy show at Ha! comedy club.


act a motherfuckin fool in the streets.


walk back to the crib around 3 am.

put on superbad.


today is kids day at the con, so im shopping and i hope to catch vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl. if i can get Lovelle to wake up. lol


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