#throwback – Homophobia Is Stupid

originally posted: March 27th 08 


Not I’m tryna fuck;lusty type love.
I’m talking all encompassing love.
That’s what I felt at the end of mocha tonight. But the beginning wasn’t as hopeful.

So for one. I’m hella tired. Part of my day yesterday was used walking to anacostia park to find out what the deal is for my employment with the park service. And it was all good. But that’s a long walk, and I walked back too leaving me very tired. And I woke up today and with to my City Year position and did inventory all day leaving me dizzy and with a headache.

Add to that I have to host mocha tonight alone.

I’m always a touch nervous when I host by myself. I don’t know, maybe it my self conciousness, or my incredible shyness (people don’t know, but I’m very shy) but when I’m alone up there, I get very akward and worried about hosting. So I was already on edge. That, and we had a very dope sista who was featuring, so I wanted to make sure that we kept the energy at a good place so she wouldn’t be performing to a dead audience.

And then it happened.

A performer who I will not name performed a very homophobic piece and directed it toward some homosexual folk in the crowd. And it was my place to rectify this.

First of all. My view on gay folk is that everyone should do what they do. If we just felt free to be ourselves we wouldn’t deal with so much bull. The links to the civil rights movement are so apparent, but people just don’t see it for whatever reason.

The fact that people bring God into the arguement sickens me too. Its my belief that the God I know as my higher power wouldn’t want us to be busy trying to pass judgement on anyone. We have life to live. And using Gods name for hate is a horible example of your faith.

With that said, it was my job to say simething. And I quickly made a point to make it known that his opinions do not represent mocha hut, or myself or the rest of the mocha hut family. And then after that I called up 13 of Nazareth (hope I spelled that right.)

First I know and love 13. This brother is probably one of the most powerful and relaxed folk I know. And beyond being a dope poet, he is a dope person. He came to me knowing that he wasn’t on the list, but he really had a piece he wanted to get of his chest because of the earlier performers actions, so I let him rock. I was exactly what we needed.

The piece was about people using God as their warmachine and for hate propaganda. And he set the precedence for what would become and agapé theme throughout the evening.

For the rest of the night people of all racial and sexual backgrounds would proceed to perform pieces about loving each other and unity and the communal struggle to find peace and love.

And that’s really what I needed.

Not to mention Sabrina (aka blu firefly) did her thing and it was amazing. Overall it was a great night, that ended with everybody a little lifted. And it felt good to see everyone unified for a love movement. Gay, straight, black, white. when we put all the bullshit to the side. We are alive and living in the same existence. And nothing is more important than our lives. Lets not push hate and make others uncomfortable just because we aren’t comfortable in our skin.

Peace safety, and never ending love for all,
Dwayne B!

PS check out greatpublishing.com and go to the events page. There are a bunch of great events coming up soon. Including don’t let it happen to poetry 2 hosted by Droopy Anderson. Check it out!

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  1. Wow. I’ve never been to an open mic where somebody had the balls to do a piece that negative. Of course… Sacred Grounds in Tampa was also considered a “Gay Rights Coffeehouse” and if somebody did do some homophobic shit they’d look pretty ironic and silly on a stage with a rainbow tie-dye background and Buddha statues & rainbow flags everywhere.

    Also, you?! Shy!? lol you should never have a reason to be. You’re awesome!

    • yeah. the whole homophobia thing used to come up a lot. but now cats just use their poems to harass the women and that’s supposed to prove they are straight. *sigh* we will change the world. One moment at a time.

      On my being shy, yep. I’m hella shy. folks tend not to believe me though. i need to post some of the more introspective stuffy stuff. I’m not shy though because I don’t thinking I’m awesome. (thanks for the compliment btw. ^_^) It’s quite the opposite. I imagine if I weren’t as shy as I am, I’d become a supreme dickhead, and no one wants that.

      Thanks for your comment! #TeamShyKids

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