Crochet Tuesday Update! An episode for all the folks getting back to work!

For all the homie’s returning to work from the furlough! 

Back story:  Park Triangle Productions created a show called “No Strings, Please” and it’s a very awesome show… follows the story of a young lady who moves from Brooklyn to DC. She cuts all ties with everyone, but the strings seem to always connect themselves to her. Through all of this she crochets to relieve stress… or does she.

All of the crochet work you see in the show was done by none other than I, the Crochet Kingpin. So notice some of the work in the show.

This is the 5th episode, so feel free to visit the website here and watch the whole series!!! Then buy the pieces you see Charley Rockin 🙂

Peace and safety,

Dwayne B!

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