#throwback: Daily Exhale 1

Originally Posted – 3/2/10

Some days are great. Others are a bit much.

That’s why I bought new headphones today.

See… headphones are not only the things that help you hear music, or keep your ears warm in the winter; they are a representation of instant audio isolation. Privacy in sound so to speak.

And its a good thing… to an extent. Just like cake and ice cream, the ability to literally tune everything out is pretty sweet. But it can also make you deaf to the world around you. I admit, I am certainly a citizen of the Ipod nation, (I am writing a blog based on the joy of new headphones after all) but sometimes I feel like maybe I should be able to hear the homeless man asking for change. He’s tuned out by everyone else all the time. I wonder if he even wants the money, or if the change he’s asking for is someone to actually listen.

I just looked around here at L’Enfant Plaza, and I see everyone with their headphones (or earbuds) on, navigating each others space without speaking. breathing in each others air in our personal perceived privacy.


Don’t mind me. It just all very interesting to me…

Check out the discussions and lets really talk. Express some opinions and such.
(Btw: music I listened to while writing this: Michael Jackson- maria, Mos Def- roses, Hanson-weird)

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  1. I can’t do the constant headphones thing. I just literally can’t. I hate missing things.

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