#throwback: Daily Exhale 2

Originally Posted – 3/3/10

I’m bumpin some real ass hip hop, incarcerated scarfaces. classic wu tang. Feelin pretty good.

My man just said “Africans denyin niggas in cabs” that’s real. Its hard as hell for a young man to get a cab in dc. My brother Droopy just told me that the day before he hailed a cab, told them he was going to catholic university (he lives in brookland so he says that to get the cabs to let him in) and the bamma was like “no!” and dipped. I was like damn. That’s some bull.

I mean, I get it. Its hard to be a cab driver and folks often mess things up for everyone, but its your job. And I gotta get home too. Cab drivers are often scared of getting robbed, but hell, I’m scared too. That’s why I’m tryna hail a cab. If I thought it was all good, I wouldn’t be willing to pay yo ass all amounts of money to drive me home.


See… its hard enough for us to get ahead as a human race, none-the-less African-Americans, but when we have beef from Africans to African-American (and vice versa) we only make it harder for our public image.
If they feel like we aren’t willing to go to bat for each other, what makes someone else want to go to bat for us or support us in our personal endeavors. We aren’t supporting ourselves.

But alas, I’ve exhaled. I should probably go ahead and chill. Let me know what you think on the topic by hitting up the discussions area on the page and lets talk it out and get some change happening. If you know any cab drivers, tell them to join in too.

Peace and safety, dwayne b!
(Music for this exhale: raekwon- incarcerated scarfaces, busta rhymes – party is goin on, young jezzy – go crazy)

PS: I was gonna write about the famu tape, but I gotta figure out what I wanna say, that shit is bananas

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