#poems: What We Look Like

I look like, 27 years of confusion.

A life time of mistakes and broke promises.

Being late to the train station again.

You look like, compassion.

Understanding dressed in a cloak of frustration.

You look like 14 hours days on the weekend

Working with women with special needs.

Dinners on tables, sagging breast in need of showers and meds.

I look like warm hands, applied to sore back.

Soft lips lazily lacing your forehead with kiss after kiss

As we slip into slumber.

I look like a pair of black on white shell top adidas

Laced. Placed on cardboard set to glide.

You look like a Hammerjack’s subwoofer,

Pulsating to your homegrown rhythms.

You inspired me. You move me. We dance.

We look like a rollercoaster ride in flesh.

6 shots of tequila and no regrets.

Hanging out throughout the hangover.

We look like text message miscommunication.

Awkward silences. Fear.

“The only thing worse than when we are indecisive,

Is when we decide to not speak to each other.”

Apologies. Acceptance. We move on.

We look like we are learning.

He looks like every good thing I have ever done in life,

Wrapped in the skintone of a goddess,

and the attitude of a  two year old.

He looks like everything I wanted to be,

Every dream that you’ve ever had,

Every aspiration that we know will come true for the future.

He looks like or greatest success.

He looks like us, getting it right.

Getting us right.

He looks like love.

We look like family.

I love you.


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