#poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

I was flying LBLoveless Airlines,

On my way to Lonely City,

When this diapered guys’ arrows started to fly,

The wings began to tilt and the plane skydived straight down…

I fell head over heels in…


I fell head over heels in…

Giddy giggles, snuggling close to teddy bears late at night,

That warm and fuzzy feeling like fireplaces and marshmallows

Talking to all my friends about the new girl

Who makes my whole universe swirl

Into one huge candy ball that I wouldn’t mind licking all day.


I fell into…

Writing poetry again in attempts

To show you that I’m more that just

The average, run of the mill,

Terrence, Darnell, or Phil.

Trying to dress fly enough to let you see that I’m cool,

But not too flashy so I don’t seem like a stuck up fool.


I get butterflies the size of seagulls around you,

I go and buy mints before a date with you,

Try so desperately not to ever be late with you,

Cause I know you could always be with any other dude.

I get nervous in conversation, never know what to do,

Like I’m reading a new piece in front a packed venue,

Cause with you, I must impress and stimulate,

Plus bare my soul and hope you can relate.

I fell head over heels in…

Questioning whether its infatuation or lust in disguise,

Whether it’s like or love – Pulling wool over my eyes.

Into blaming cupid for the ordeal he has begun,

For my plane crash-landed in… love.

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