#poems: Dwayne Personified

I’m a level 20 yarn mage. And a ninja. And a sleepy mushroom.

I’m a rollercoaster of feelings.

I’m the glass case of emotion that Ron Burgundy was trapped in.

I’m tumbleweed rolling through the minds of math students.

I’m a cross country excursion via unicycle.

I’m your favorite ex-lover and bottle of chocolate syrup.

I’m a humble Kanye.

I’m an outgoing Daria dressed in male drag.

I’m a Super Sayian with a tan.

I’m the dorky He-Man. A fly Skeletor in Flesh.

I’m the conference call between Cobra Commander and Starscream.

I’m Cindy Crawford’s mole.

I’m the love letters between ?uestloves afropick and E. Badu’s headwrap.

I’m the butterfly effects namesake. A walking social study.

I’m every short joke personified.

I’m all that, and a bag of rap snacks. Holla back.



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  1. This is great

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