#poems: Recap

I’m on my way to work.

You enter your household,

I walk away smiling, thinking of how beautiful we are

A hug that holds time hostage. Kiss that kills all concepts of space.

We giggle nervously, wishing this moment would never end

Hands held the entire route

You are soft, I am rough. We are this moment

a rat scurries behind a trash can

the sky’s tone is changing and the early birds are enjoying their feast.

enjoying my feast

I am lost in you,

I’m Adam, caressing the rib I lost in you.

We are children learning each other.

Questioning if these actions could lead to cardiac arrest?

Djembe jumping from your chest.

Fingertips glide over your heart,

Hand slides over my hand.

Possibly, maybe.

Possibly this could be what we’ve wanted,

Wood chips are jealous of the steel formation holding us, getting to experience this perfection.

You listen as I rip off scabs, we discuss the beauty in our wounds.

Im shy as we discuss childhood

Lock popped

There’s a playground

It gets cloudy.


Gin and tonic…

…vodka lemonade

Slight rain, severe enlightening.

A long walk with friends

A slow dance.

Intimate set.

Glance across the room.

You walk in door.

I arrive from work.

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