#poems: For The Writers

Be bold.

Dont be afraid to be yourself and take chances with your writing.

Love your voice. Become comfortable with your voice. Use your voice.

Don’t write every poem in your voice.

Live a life so that you may have more perspective in your writing process.

Know that your writing isn’t for everyone. That’s ok.

Art isn’t for everyone. That’s ok.

Know that you will more than likely never become a major superstar. That’s ok.

Writing is an art of the singular. If you effect one person, you have succeeded.

Critique your work.

Get others to critique your work.

Don’t get upset when you can’t get it right the first time,

That means what you are saying is important and requires thought.

Don’t throw anything away, that ridiculous line could be the concept for your masterpiece.

Every piece is a masterpiece.

Every piece sucks.

Every piece is worth it to someone.

Every piece is worthless to someone.

Love your work, as much as

You are willing to love another’s opinion.

Remember. when your pen/quill/keyboard is working, you are a god.

You have the power to create and destroy.

Be sure to take advantage of that.

Be the writer you want to be.

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