#write2014 – 4 – As He Sleeps

As he sleeps

The electronics hum their full humming;

Filling their tummies with charge and bars.

Grandma toils away with jewels that spin;

Erasing from the screen when their colors are matching.

Great Grandma paces in her room;

Ruminating on the whereabouts of a trinket long lost.

PawPaw sinks to the basement thinking underground thoughts

And plays wrestling games that hes recently bought.

While DaDa sits and writes out the stirring

Of the world around him so constantly whirling;

His little one dreams of games, and fun,

Of grandma and breakfast, great grandma and songs,

PawPaw and playing with Spiderman toys,

Making silly faces with DaDa like silly boys.

All of this happens as the night slowly creeps.

The making of the mornings as my little boy sleeps.

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