#write2014 – 6 – Basorexia

See her

Want to

Dance with

Grind on

Touch on

Get close

Want to

Feel lips

Press on




Press on

Lips feel

Close enough

To taste.

Breath sweet

Hot like


Body roll

Pressure cooked

Lusty eyed

Want you

Like good

Kid wants

To be


Bad so


Like sweat

Lick sweat

Swear sweat

Be body

Swearing for

Next touch

Lips close


Inhale with

Your lungs

And my


We want

Cant have

Must not.

But lets.

Just once.

This once.

Right now

Now right.

Once this…

Lips close.

To touch

Feel pressure.

Into this.

First kiss,

Leads to

Next kiss

Leads to

Next kiss

Leads to…

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