#Crochet: All of my most recent crochet pictures were on my phone…

and if you follow this blog regularly, you know how that went…

So here are a few pics of projects I was working on before I lost my phone and the promise that I will post some pics soon of projects i’m currently working on.

Aviary Photo_130262593357868188

I’ve been getting a lot of orders for these Double Wide Infinity Cowls. The are a fun and simple way to stay warm and fashionable for both men and women. They usually go for $40 but this month they are $5 off.


I also go a couple of orders for these babies. The hooded scarf (or snood depending on your placement on earth) has been a staple of mine for a couple of years now. They go nicely with military stylized jackets or sweaters, and are a perfect addition to that coat without a hood. $45 dollars nets you one of these in your choice of color patterns.

Now although it’s cold now, the spring will come back, and I want to be prepared for it. These spring spiral scarves were a hit last year when I added them to my selections last year, and i have tons of the yarn to crank them out this year in varying colors. I want to start making these in late February and move them throughout the District. $15 and this is nicely wrapped around your neck.

If you are interested in anything that you have seen here, or would like to see more, fill out the order form below, and follow me on instagram to see my most recent posts!

Peace and Safety,

-Dwayne B!


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