#write2014 – 19 – Snowflakes (Part I of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

I. Snowflakes

The wind;

Your lips on my neck.

A bite I welcome after hiding.

The sick and shut in look forward to visits.

Even chaperoned sessions under snowy skies.

Flurries of emotions

Falling like single clusters of ice,

Heavy enough to fall,

Light enough to catch a ride on a wasted breath.

Sticking together

Like a blanket of frost

Over a bed of memories trapped in rear view mirrors.


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1 comment

  1. Anticipation
    What will happen?
    How much is expected?
    I dont really care how much, just as long as the forecast rings true
    I welcome any number of inches
    Waiting outside with my mouth open wide
    Longing for the first flake to caress my tongue
    Please let it snow tonight.

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