#write2014 – 22 – Said the Skeleton

I followed your lead.
You unsnapped the 3 hooks,
Bra on floor, hand on door. No locks today.
Is gonna walk in.
And find us.
2 balls of yarn twisted and tangled.
Too coarse for the par course we coast through east coast.
Make haste to find play place.
Bathrooms in lace help us save face.
Underneath a moonlit sky I floated on your riverbank
Played tag along lily pads and dove face first into your waters.
I’ve never learned to swim, but I know the rhythm of the stroke,
We aquaboogie to natures concerto.
You sound best spinning on tables,
Reminding me I know the Technics
To make you speak in moaning tones.
Ignoring phones… or not.
While you talk and I speak in tongues,
You speak in… polysyllabic stutter…
Your barriers, butter to hot blade
Of shoulder rubs.
We are a run on sentence never acknowledging that there should be an end because we always know the point that everything happens for a reason and our reason for being is this very moment.
Every moment.
Under DC streetlights and late night timelines.
Coded text and tantric talks.
Its so much more than fingertips sliding sweat below your equator.
Its inspiration and goal setting.
The secret smile underneath your joy.
The reason I continue to write and feel like it means anything.
The sturdy wax on floorboards.
Our slide, embrace
Our isolation in a room of onlookers.
The world is our house.
I’ll carry you across the threshold if you promise to help with the laundry.
Which reminds me…
I followed your lead.
You unsnapped the 3 hooks
Bra on floor, hand on door, no locks today
is gonna walk in
and find us.
Exactly the way we are.
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