Updates From The Phone!

Hey y’all! Couple of updates from the phone ’cause I’m on the move but y’all should probably know some stuff!


First: this Sunday, join me at busboys and poets 5k (corner of 5th and K st NW) at 8pm for a poetry concert. Jonathan B Tucker, Holly Bass, G Yamazawa, Sarah Lawson, and Myself will be rocking a super trooper set of poetry, song, and artistry in the name of National Poetry Month! $5 tickets available at busboysandpoets.com!


Monday: Busboys and Poets Hosts Battle for $1000 dollars! Buy tickets and witness the biggest slam in the DMV! Busboysandpoets.com


4/15/14 – I’ll be changing the 5 items available in the Crochet Kingpin Designs Store! There will be a selection of hats and a few spring scarves available on the second half of the month, so please check it out, and grab your spring spiral scarves before they vanish!

Oh… you wanna see what I’ve been working on…. here you go!




So def keep checking back. Plus later today there will be an #infinigrind Friday video update featuring one of the most bar spittin brothers on this earth!

Peace and safety,

-Dwayne B!

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