#poems: For 2001 and Beyond (Graduation Poem)

Pour out like words over fountains,

Into mountain like terrain,

The ridged plains of the human brain,

Which at most times don’t contain minds.

Lyrics must find the correct time to hit the prime intersection.

The one place, one connection,

Between foresight and reflection.

In the present, after the past,

To create a memory that shall last,

And cause a drastic change to the future.

For our verbs and nouns are to be used

To nurture not refuse the beings that we’ve fused

with millennia of abuse.

We try to tell the truth, only leaving more confused,

For the statements that we move, can be backed up by proof.

Which is much more than I can say for the lies this nation was raised on.

Black labor, white fables,

Tall tales and little white lies.

What a surprise when they learned we could connect I’s with Y’s

And vowels to create nouns and words so profound.

With verse and rhythm, poems were made,

Songs we played and we proceed to get paid,

And exploited, for creating noise now,

No substance just noise now.

But we shall escape just like we usually do.

How do I know, because I can look at the future and know I’ll see you.

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