Peace beautiful people!

Dwayne B here. Just wanna show love for all the support and action I’ve been getting on the website as of late.


Folks are always looking for an outlet; safe place to express and feel free. Many have found the internet to be that place, but as time goes, the internet seems to be a more hostile place to share.

The fact that I can be free and express myself and support the artist I love and get the type of support I’ve been receiving… that means the world to me.

So with that, thank you. If you want more poetry here, let me know. You want more crochet, let me know. You want more info on the infinigrind family, let me know. I want this to be a conversation; a place to build the collaborations and support when need.

I love all y’all.

-Dwayne B! Bka the crochet kingpin.

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