#poems – In A Grand Way

She wakes up to laughter.

Her little boy’s little boy trying to play with daddy’s hair.

With that toddlers every chuckle, she feels the joy of

being a successful mom.

Forgets the sun setting on tarnished relationships,

and basks in the sunrise of her little boy growing up.


She wakes up to tears.

Her little boy’s little boy is potty training.

Bathroom covered in streams of yellow.

Even in the cleanup she smiles.

Because when you cherish the things you take for granted,

Dirty diapers become Picassos;

The type of thing you can appreciate with your eyes closed.


She wakes up to silence.

Her little boy’s little boy is sleeping.

Her little boys a grown man now.

Her job as mother has been promoted in a grand way.

Now she can finally go back to sleep without being bothered.


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