#throwback: On The Forth Of July

Originally posted: July 8th 08

Ok so its been almost a week… and the smoke has began to clear from the haze that was the forth of July.

I find it interesting that folk celebrate this holiday. I mean, sure the US was made an independent land on this day long, long ago… but is that really a reason to celebrate. I don’t think that shooting pyrotechnics into the sky is a proper means to celebrate such an occasion. How about enjoying some of those civil liberties that we are supposed to have, like walking up and freely speaking with someone of another race and/or creed, or further more, hold a protest against something that you feel is fundamentally wrong. (for instance the DC gun ban being lifted)

I myself can’t really rally behind it because back when America was “liberated” I would have been out in a field getting somebodies crops in order. Now wheres the rocket the displays that message when it explodes…. oh, they wouldn’t have that one on the mall.

Its frightening that we celebrate our “independence day” by setting off things that sound like “bombs bursting in air”. I cant tell if they are fireworks or if we are under attack. I guess when i was younger i lived in a more innocent age and everything was all good. but now….. fuck that…… bammas got guns, and all of it sounds alike to me…. ok… I’m off my soapbox…. for now.

Peace and safety,
-Dwayne B

PS: I cant’ complain too much tho. I worked on July forth and gladly received my holiday pay!

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