#poetry: Life Lessons in 5 Part Motion


Do magnets ever tire of their opposites?

Do they ever wish that at one point in their simple existence,

They may be graced with the presence of like minds?


I love you.

I love you most.

I love you most when you are far away.

You are a presence; possession etched onto my soul.

Symbiotic being sucking the malice from me.

And I … hate it.

Love is this treacherous path leading me to back to rejection.

You, the gate keeper to my demise;

Guiding me along its well traveled roads.

I hate this…


You… are the feeling I hate.

You are love.

I love you.


The science of the eye flips the world,

So that those who view it may process it without losing their minds.

I am the world. Beautiful beyond comprehension.

Deep as darkness, real as pain.

Drilled and misunderstood.

Naturally flipped.

Look at me and see what can’t be co-opted .

Your mind is too fragile for my offerings.


When one hair is plucked, does not the entire scalp face pain?

When one toe is injured, does not the entire foot ache?

When one man hates, does not all of manhood face extinction?


Meet me in a place of crayons,

No casing, or sharpeners to mold our experience;

No numbers to dictate our outcomes.

Only a unified vision and a heated passion for art.

Let’s melt down the wax and let all our colors meet;

Become an indiscernible brick of beauty.

Then let us paint the town human.

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  1. Still my favorite poem of yours but I might be bias.

  2. Hey, sir. Stop narrating my life. 🙂

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