#Poetry: From Moment to Movement

Things change.

We change.

The world changes around us every day;

Glaciers, to ocean, to polar bear drowning.

Sunny day, to hurricane, to refugee in my own home.

Corner store hoodie boy, to obituary.

Happy daughter, to fatherless child.

How do we make this right?

Silence is a costly answer

When lives are the price paid.

This is what we’ve been trying to make sense of for years on end.

From boycotts to picket signs;

From protests to marches;

From death threats, to assassinations, to promises of a new life.

Wait no more!

When Darkness Falls,

Be fearless!

Be shovel digging into the issues,

Be conversation,

The Talk and Walk.

Be seed sown

From sapling to redwood

Be growth;

Be transformation from one bullet;

one block; one city;

To a ready nation.

Be the catalyst to creation.

Be heard.

From moment to movement.

**note: the prompt “From Moment to Movement” was provided by New America. The web-series From Moment to Movement will be available soon. I’ll be posting more details very soon.

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