#Poetry: When Spring Returns

When spring returns your call,
Your feet will stink of sweetgrass.
The world will be full of whim. Bask.

Spring replies with a breath of breeze,
A daffodil greeting,
Delicate as pedals unraveling from a case of itself.

When spring chooses you;
Your world knows warmth.
Heralded are the days of golden shine
Setting bright your sullen tone.

When spring is at your side,
Celebrate your new.
Cherish arms length, shorten your distance
And fall.

Spring keeps pace with your worries.
She is a misty lover who will leave.
Feisty times follow;
A panting mischief maker
Will make home of your lungs.

When spring is one foot out,
Don’t call.
It will only delay her inevitable return.

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