#NaPoWriMo -7- A Black Guide to Survival In America

Don’t run

Don’t walk

Don’t raise your hands

Don’t reach for your wallet

Don’t be educated

Don’t be ignorant

Don’t be mentally ill

Don’t fight

Don’t break up the fight

Don’t steal

Don’t look like you steal

Don’t go to 7-11

Don’t have asthma

Don’t wear hoodies

Don’t fit the description

Don’t draw attention to yourself

Don’t be woman

Don’t be man

Don’t be trans

Don’t be gay

Don’t be queer

Don’t be straight

Don’t be a threat

Don’t be perceived as “threatening”

Don’t walk away

Don’t have busted taillights

Don’t be between the ages of 8-88

Don’t play on playgrounds

Don’t play outside

Don’t play

Don’t be at “wrong place at wrong time”

Don’t be at “right place at right time”

Don’t be innocent

Don’t be guilty

Don’t breath

Don’t be.

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