#NaPoWriMo -8- Currently Untitled

*I don’t have the hook yet, so no title yet*

Working toward goals makes you feel like you really making some kinda progress.
But you look up from your hard work and realize that you’re surrounded by the same stress.
Get the fucking book done, record the album, time to host! Coming up next!
everything’s so complex, work so much, no time to decompress.
You’re the invisible man, family starts calling you Mr cellophane
Cause they don’t see you around, but when bills are paid down you never hear them complain.
Work too damn hard, but in the office the promotion never comes your way,
But when it all pays off, you’re gonna look back at it all and say…

Another day another dollar, get out there you gotta get it while the getting good,
But your dollars ran to another day, and the good don’t seem to be getting you.
Book still on the shelf, folks say they want good music and they don’t mean kanye.
But your kickstarter could use a kick start, and your demo gets no play.
Discouragement is an ex-lover who knows how to touch you in all the right ways
She returns text, answers your calls, and won’t hesitate to show up at your place.
But yall broke up for a reason, success is your new boo, you know you’re on the way,
To that deluxe apartment in the sky where you’ll be able to say…

Books sales still slow, but somebody wrote about you in a blog you’ve seen,
And they have a ton of followers so folks will start checking for you hopefully.
You hit the open mic spot with a track from the demo and cats were showing some love,
#hashtag infinigrind all over twitter, so now kickstarter’s picking up buzz.
Your hard work’s starting to pay off, better keep that liquor habit at bay,
Cause the drugs and the booze line the coffins of many who fell from success pathway.
You have too much to prove to your past and your future to throw away today.
It’s just a matter of time till you can look back at yourself and say…

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