#thatpoetryhost – The Planning Process

I’ve been knowing;

Speaking things into existence.

Finding and creating love;

Reinforcing the love currently residing in our hearts.

This is what I’ve wanted to do.

Me. Being.

Its the process of learning ones self

Owning ones self

And choosing to make things happen.

It takes support.

From the love you have fostered;

And love unbeknownst to you.

It takes a plan greater that spreadsheets and contact forms.

It takes faith in your process and making the process

Work for you.

It takes creating.

Around every corner creating.

Every opportunity, creating.

It takes every talent in your artists handbook.

Every performance you’ve uttered;

Every stitch you’ve strung through the eye

Needling into your day,

Every stroke of every pen

you’ve ever known has led

And will lead

To this experience.

When it seems your life is too much to bear,

Remember – since your first breath, you been in preparation.

You’ve been planning for this all you life.

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