#Poetry -Amber Tambourines

Amber scenes of tambourines

Shaking like children in winter rain;

Glistening in my memory like

Sunlight on grassy fields glazed by light dew.

That’s where you stand,

Filling cavities and drilling for secrets;

Beaming with laser-like precision you cut through radar,

Bounce sonar waves of the tip of your tongue.

My overnight bag aches for you.

Spontaneous queen lemming,

You call and I follow closer to oblivion

By the second.

Enjoying every moment as if I’m wishing for time

To catch up with the moments we’ve spent.

Just so I can laugh and mock him as he get jealous

Of the stories we shared without his presence.

We’re parallel and nothing could bring our planes down.

We crash into each others mouth,

Meeting death by the tongue,

And swallow each others spirit.

Taste like peace,

Taste like truth,

Taste like hope for yesterdays nightmares to

Turn the page and let it all begin again.

Amber scenes of you and I,

Mixing salsa gyrations into morning breath cocktails.

Sipping yesterdays slumber with today’s first sights,

Accented with a slice of lime and memories.

That’s what it should look like,

A snapshot of tomorrow on today’s outdated Polaroid.

Cause its all time gone within a flash.

This time, of time, our time.  We rewind

Tape players, VCR’s Digital cameras

To watch what would lead to this encounter.

What would cause me to put words into rhythmic pattern?

And what would cause you to

Take my shaking hand when offered for a dance.

Why 17 syllable blurbs of emotion spilled on cell phone keypads

And seeded full-length poems.

Why we still stand here now.

With no umbrella or shield type thing;

Cold from the rain, still shaking like amber tambourines.

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