Last Minute Nintendo Switch Predictions and Wishes

It is upon is! Nintendo will be announcing the details of its hotly anticipated new console, the Nintendo Switch. I have been on the hype train following rumors, patents, official briefings, and detail leaks for what feels like forever. It feels good to finally have some more official information “directly” from the source.

But that’s not this article.

I’m throwing my hat into the ring with some last minute predictions. Some are going to be pretty obvious; others will be complete pie in the sky ideas. If anything, Nintendo has shown us that anything can happen, so I’m honestly not ruling anything out. Let’s begin!

1. Release Date and Price Point

This is the most “Captain Obvious” answer, but we will most certainly get a release date for the system tonight. I think we will see a date of March 17th or 24th. I’m leaning towards the 24th because Nintendo is aiming at a slightly older crowd with the Switch, and I’m betting they wouldn’t want to chance launching on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m also betting on Nintendo going with a Friday release so that people have a chance to be out and about the following weekend with the Switch. What better chance to show off the shiny new tech you purchased than a early spring Saturday afternoon.

As far as price point, I’m thinking we will see a $299 standard SKU and at $350 bundle. The bundle may include a launch title (more on that with number 4).

2. Info on Miiverse and Mii Intergration

Oh, you thought you we were done with Mii’s? No sir-ii! With “Miitomo”, Nintendo toyed with linking social media accounts to Mii’s and to an extent it was a success. They had me for a solid month answering random questions and looking forward to seeing my friends answers. I believe that was enough of a proof-of-concept for Nintendo to develop something more engaging that will run on the Switch. The networking is already there. I think we will see Miiverse giving people the option to add friends to their friend list via Miitomo, Facebook, Instagram, and Line this time around. Hopefully they have learned that you should be able to seamlessly connect and play with those friends… but that’s something we will have to wait and see.

3. Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is a Launch Title

I’m absolutely, completely, and without a shadow of a doubt convinced that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a launch title for the Switch. I was never convinced that it missed launch when the rumors started swirling. Nintendo knows what it has with BotW; a return to the vast world of Hyrule in a way that hasn’t been this open since the original LoZ. This game was the ONLY game Nintendo had on the show floor at E3 and it was arguably the most wanted game of the show. I think Nintendo committed to getting the game and system out together, and doubled down on the hype once they started sharing a screen per day. They are laying the spirit tracks for the hype train. Choo-Choo!!!

4. Mario Kart 8+ at Launch

Yep. I’m saying we are getting the Mario Kart 8 Port at launch. Nintendo knows how great Mario Kart 8 is; it’s gorgeous, it has fun online play with low lag, the DLC was a great value, and its one of the best party games in the history of gaming. So why not have it as a launch title for the powerful yet portable Switch. With Nintendo’s emphasis on playing with others, this game would be a perfect showpiece for high quality gaming on the go. I believe this is the game that inspired the JoyCon multiplayer idea, and as such I’m thinking this game will be packed into the $350 Switch Bundle at launch. I’m also thinking there will be some additional DLC announced, and new Amiibo costumes for your Mii. Here’s hoping for a Shovel Knight costume.

5.Splatoon in May, Smash in June

Ok. I admit, I could be wrong. I’m not in the games industry. I don’t have any inside connections. But I’m pretty sure these games are coming in the summer. Nintendo really wants to establish itself as a major part of the e-sport community. To do so, the Nintendo driven e-sports games need to be out. The summer is the perfect time. For many, school and college are on a break, giving people time to dive into their gaming without it being compromised. I picked Splatoon for May because May 25th will mark Splatoon’s 2 year anniversary.

Smash is another game that took so much work to develop, you can be sure its going to show up sooner than later. My pie-in-the-sky hope is that we will give up-res versions of the 3DS levels, and future DLC. I mean, they are holding on to those Bayonetta, Cloud, and Corrin Amiibo for something right?

6. Kid Icarus is the New “Warriors” Game

There’s a lot of talk about a follow-up to Hyrule Warriors. Koei-Tecmo has been vocal about their partnership with Nintendo continuing and with the keys to the castle passed to them to develop within any franchise, I’m leaning toward Kid Icarus getting the “Warriors” treatment. The franchise is perfect for it. There is a plethora of weapons, both melee and ballistic-based. There are tons of characters with deep stories to drive them. Koei-Tecmo has a base to work from in regards to air combat with the “Dynasty Warriors:  Gundam” series. I think this would be a perfect chance for the Kid Icarus series to get a little HD love.

7. Some Sort of “Metroid” Tease

Look… Nintendo knows. Metroid Prime Federation Force wasn’t what a lot of people wanted. People made it very clear it wasn’t what they wanted. But it was Prime cannon, and it set up some actions that will likely lead to the next Prime Trilogy. I think we will get some sort of teaser to let people know that the game is coming. We may even get a Prime Trilogy HD release to whet the appetite.

8. That 3D Mario from the Switch Trailer… Coming Holiday 2017

I am so intrigued by that Mario game from the Switch Trailer. The “Day of the Dead” look and feel was very interested. I’m intrigued by what the thing is going to be, and I’m sure we will get some information on it. In fact, I think we will see a brand new trailer inviting us to learn more about it at E3, where they will announce that it is a holiday game. I’m jsut hype to see anything about it to be honest.

9. There will be some partnership to make the Switch always online.

Nintendo has been working to build partnerships. Though I think this is another “out -there” idea, I think Nintendo will offer a monthly or yearly online subscription service that gives you the ability to play your Switch online on-the-go anywhere. I don’t know how well the service would work, but it is possible.

10. NFC reader in the JoyCon Grip

 This is another one that seems pretty obvious, but you have got to be able to scan your Amiibo in when you have the system docked. The easy solution, have an NFC reader in the JoyCon grip. I’m pretty sure the grip will be a device that you charge in order to charge your JoyCon controllers, its not a stretch for the grip to have some addition tech in there.

Ok. those are my predictions. I could be wrong, I could be right. but either way, with all this news happening tonight, I’ll be having a good time. You can watch the live stream of Nintendo’s Switch Presentation at 11PM ET Here. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for an event wrap-up. Lets see if I’m right.

Your Legendary Geek,


-Crochet Kingpin

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