Today Is For Love


Love rose over my bed and hovered like 6:30 am sunshine.

Gave me a glow; a ticket made of hope.

A picture of what I want the rest of my life to be like.

It looks like you wearing a band made of platinum;

White gown garnished with hand strewn lace.

Face like a fine cheesecake; soft, and always wanted.

A great girl is love.

Born in darkness just like a perfect sunrise.

But you remain untouchable like phoenix eggs.

The reason for my gloomy Sundays,

My mundane Mondays.

I daydream of being anywhere other than where you are not.

Make love to the idea of a face to face conversation.

Salivate at the hint of your taste.

I be backwards, battered, beaten.

I give up!

I won’t fight a battle I can’t win,

Here’s my heart, take it.

You fought for it and now it’s yours.

But be careful, ‘cause if you said you’d love me evermore

I’ll buy my ticket tomorrow to see you next week,

And hold you every morning after.

And everyday I’ll know the taste of your laughter

And the pains of the world won’t matter,

‘Cause we’re working on that.

Peace is on tomorrows agenda.

But today,

Today is for you hovering over my bed like 6:30 am sunshine.

Today is for our love.

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  1. either you are meeting the most amazing women in the world to inspire these, or you are dreaming of a goddess daily. respect.

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