Your hand brushes against mine
A bursting bud
Goosebumps ripple across my all
I’m a man in bloom
This beauty is all your fault.

There are a million villages
On the tip of my tongue
Begging to be quenched
By the sweat of your brow
Your summer sweet
A cane field
Sticky and staunch
Waving in our endless sunset

Seeing you
I’m the first leaf to turn
A blazing blush
A burning bush in flesh
Testament to all holy in you
Behind me
A following all willing to show
True colors at autumn’s whim.

Denying the inevitable
Winter comes
Missing you
I’m the last leaf to fall.
The breeze blowing
Our distance
Made clear.

The world’s warmth
A confusing turn
When spring beats like summer hearts
We fall
Piled atop each other like flurries
I melt into you
A snow in April
A tornado on open water
A love storm
Brewing in shared tear ducts.

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