No One Riots For T-Dog

It’s destined to happen to all our favs;

To leave this life and meet their graves;

Happening on the most random days;

The bell does surely toll.


For Dale, a walker claimed his life;

For Milton, the tip of the Governor’s knife;

Milton then saw Andrea and took a bite

as time went by oh so slow.


But as we sit and contemplate

About our dear Daryl Dixon’s fate;

Many have decided if he dies

Then the masses shall riot.


And while my heart would certainly hurt

From fandom hopes all gone berserk;

A few tears I may even cry,

But other than that, my household will be quiet.


Because no one riots for T-Dog.


Some say T-Dog had no skill;

His life held no particular thrill;

And after that situation on the roof

There’s no passion for this crook.


But without T-Dog, we would have no Carol

Who went on to save, Rick, Maggie, and Daryl;

When Terminus went from starving

To including human in their recipe book.


Alas T-Dog made a sacrifice;

To save Carol, he gave his life;

And season three saw the demise

Of our hero in that prison hall.


He was a crook, but so is Daryl;

And lest we not forget that racist Meryl;

Whom we mourned at the end of his life;

Yet no one rioted for T-Dog.


So here we are, Season 6;

Wolves and Saviors all in the mix;

Mistakes are made, our group splits up;

Rick is bold, Maggie’s tough;

Carol has doubts about the price

Of living with the death shes dealt.


Daryl finds himself out for revenge;

For the death and kidnapping of his friends;

His brash nature and cockiness

May have just led to his end.

The fandom yells upon this plot;

The sight of episode 15’s final shot

Has seen the pitchforks start to rise;

The flames of torches soon ignite;

For me, I’ll sit back, release a sigh…


For no one riots for T-Dog.

Yes, no one riots for T-Dog.

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