OD – From the unreleased “NeckA$$” Project

*My verse from “OD” on the upcoming “NeckAss” Project featuring Droopy the BrokeBaller and Basic The Bassist*

Real Talk, I quit smoking just for work,
Now they stress me out, blood pressure rising for sure,
It’s been a whole damn year; they ain’t test my pee;
Sh** I ain’t never OD off no weed!

Ni**** selling singles, and they dipping the tips,
Ain’t it bad enough, they already “cancer sticks”,
Now you running round naked off the PCP;
But see I ain’t never OD off no weed!

I be late; late for work; late for lunch;
Late for court; late with the rent and such;
I thought not smoking would help with punctuality;
Eff it, I ain’t never OD off no weed!

Now I hit the jay and I’m more relaxed;
Got a good nights sleep, woke pressed my slacks.
Got out the door; made it to work on time.
Homeless dude needed a dollar and I gave him mine;
He bought a water instead of a cancer stick,
Made me smile; at work, joy was contagious.
Everybody on the team was so productive;
Even got commendations from the management.
What I’m saying is don’t be a quitter; light the spliff up!
Green ain’t mean, it’s a wonderful thing!
And if it don’t work out, you can always scream…
I ain’t never OD off no weed!

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  1. I am very interested in the medicinal properties, but since I have a rare genetic disorder instead of one of the 2 dozen or so approved conditions. It’s wrong, but we just have to keep fighting the good fight. Your poem was great and look forward to reading more of your work.

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