The Universe Between Us

What can I do for

you that the cosmos doesn’t

already offer?


Just dust made to man

next to a gem brighter than

my entire planet.


How does it work? To

fuse with someone like you; to

learn love like earthlings?


Love Is Confusion

Together; Interstellar

Dances; Our Laughter.


Love is feeling the

jagged and smooth; embracing

both aspects, living.


Choosing to burn out

with a dying planet than

aid in its demise.


I’d go to war for

you. Love is stopping the war

before it happens.


You’re my star; The Space

Between. It’s the way your curls

wrap my wanting breath.


It’s the pull of your

gravity, the push of your

hands, spin of your words.


Your impact sends me

shooting through your space and time;

I’m just a comet.


Wishing on every

star that the universe that’s

between us may shrink.




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