A Doomsday Prepper’s Diary

March  3rd, 8:42PM Cookie Aisle at Food Lion


She walks in,

Eyes of molasses,

Skin twice as sweet.

I’m diabetic;

Too many sweeties in my past.

As she get close, all senses sense fructose.

And i just want to taste.

She’s a catastrophe;


A doomsday prepper.

I’ve been waiting for you

And I’m ready.

So come close,

Come to me in shambles and bite,

I’ll be the shot in your mouth setting you free.

Bring that volcanic heat,

I’ll jump into your lava pools and

Feed your fire.

Be my comet, shooting through sky,

Crash into my world.

I’ll gladly accept my fate;

To meet my demise by your hands is just fine.

I’m ready.

I’ve been prepping for you all my life.

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