Won’t Be Memorized

Overcast sky
Pencil line sunshine etching a path along cracked pavement
17 year old fatherless son
Performs the ballad of “lil man, big bags…”
A bumbling wonder to behold running for the W2 to Unity Health Complex.
In an act of defiance, one shoestring boldly demands a divorce
Legs slip into pants
Flyers for open mics perform pirouettes, fluttering to the ground
From the porch stoop audience;
A standing ovation.

Act 2 performed on green line to greenbelt
Silk sundresses dance like dandelion fluff
Around denim’s pop-locking rigidness.
Do denim jeans envy the free flow of silk?
Does the wearer wish to join that freedom?

Inspiration hits him on toilets
During delayed train station departures
While discussing the life lessons in asking for gum at a bar.
Memory banks can’t grasp all thoughts
So paper is used
Each sheet: 256 Megs worth of hard life
That can’t be contained by muscle and synapses
Must be held by spiral notepads
Loose leaf life cycles
Tattered and worn
Like the shoes of a traveler
A receipt for living
Itemizing the daily purchases he spends time on.
His life is a book that can’t be memorized.
How could one memorize the sands of time?

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