A Procrastinators Journal

Things I am doing instead of going to sleep:

Typing this list and pretending it’s a poem

Checking social media

Posting to social media

Remembering quotes about procrastination from High School

Thinking about how shitty high school was

Writing about how shitty high school was

Brushing my teeth

Running my tongue across the smooth pearls calling my mouth home

Missing her lips on mine

Remembering that Bjork line…

“I suck my tongue in remembrance of you”

Choking a little when I try to suck my tongue

Messing up the memories

Thinking about how I have to get up and train for a 5k

Being thirsty in Instagram mentions

Being thirsty in my bedroom

Not going downstairs to get water

Lotioning my feet

Being frustrated by the fact that Microsoft Word has the audacity to put that red squiggly line under lotioning but not under squiggly

Questioning how many members of Microsoft’s staff may be black

Imagining the debate among the programmers on the legitimacy of the word “lotioning”

Rethinking this whole “5k” thing

Reordering this list so that it sounds more like a poem


Staring blankly at my computer screen as I pause for dramatic effect

Realizing that means nothing when you are writing the poem

Even less when someone else is reading it

Realizing that I’ve referenced this as a poem multiple times now when it is simply a list

Of the ways I am completely successful at wasting time

Celebrating my successes

Realizing that some successes are only well dressed failures

Thinking to self, that’s a kinda poetic line

Celebrating that success.


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