How To Be More Christ-Like

Be born

Go to school and ask questions

Learn to read.

If you are reading this it is likely you have succeeded in at least 2 of these thus far.

Grow up and perform your job to the best of your ability.

Invest in a small tub, rubbing salts, fine soaps and lotions.

They will be needed.

On a day holding little relevance, Invite your friends over for dinner.

Prepare a meal of fish and bread.

Bake it fresh and thick,

The aroma of fish, an open wound,

The bread, a bandage.

Minutes before your guest arrive, Gather your investments.

Filter warm water and pure into the small tub.

As people enter your space,

Remind them to remove their shoes as to not track their mess into your area.

Ask your friends to place their feet in the water.

Babies wrapped in common placenta,

some will be skittish, Uncomfortable.

Others will enjoy the closeness.

Lotion your hands.

In a callus world, you are smooth.

Kneel before those you have gathered.

Use your soap generously to cleanse.

Wash away the weary whereabouts and rehabilitate the broken.

With rubbing salts, grind into the ball of the foot.

Feel tension cascade into the pool below.

You are the salt of the earth,

Your job is to exfoliate and preserve.

Remember that.

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